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XING Features

Xing offers the following features for Xing members

Address Book

The XING Address Book offers you these features:
-Access to your contacts – anytime and anywhere, on your smartphone or Blackberry, PC or Mac.
-Map view of your Address Book
-Address Book Comparison
-XING Plugin

The XING Address Book offers you these features:

  • Access to your contacts – anytime and anywhere, on your smartphone or Blackberry, PC or Mac.
  • Map view of your Address Book
  • Address Book Comparison
  • XING Plugin

If you invite your acquaintances and business partners to join your network, you’ll always have phone numbers and email addresses at your fingertips. Good to know: Every person you invite to join XING – and who then does so – gets one month’ Premium Membership for free


Discuss interesting topics with experts, and share knowledge with other members. There are over 17,000 groups at XING on nearly every topic imaginable, for almost every industry. Use this unique pool of knowledge to get qualified answers to your questions.

Here’s what groups have to offer you:

  • Search for groups, articles, or keywords
  • Subscribe to forum threads
  • Delve into lively discussions with like-minded people
  • See the profile behind the well-written articles
  • Receive RSS feeds to your favorite groups

Can’t find your dream group?

Just start your own group with moderation, design, and newsletter capabilities


Organize your own events, appointments or meetings with the XING Event tool. Invite both XING members and those not yet members.

An informational page with all the details of your events
  • Keep an eye on who is attending your event
  • Easy for participants to export events to MS Outlook
  • Unlimited number of participants (for basic members up to 10 participants).


Benefit from XING Events:

  • Meet other XING members in your city or area.
  • Meet new contacts in a laid-back setting.
  • Deepen existing relationships through personal meetings.

Good to know

And… there are also Official XING Events. These events are organized by selected and licensed XING Ambassadors in accordance with strict quality guidelines.


Much more than a job portal: XING Jobs creates unique career opportunities for business professionals worldwide. Companies can use the platform to reach potential candidates who are not active on conventional job sites.

Benefit from “Jobs” on XING:

  • Intelligent matching brings companies and applicants together.
  • Job postings that might interest you are displayed on your home page.
  • The connection path between the poster and applicant makes it easy to get in touch.
  • Advantage for posters: No basic charges, no minimum fees. You only pay for the number of hits to your posting.


Access your business contacts on the go – with the XING Mobile site for your smartphone, iPhone, PDA or Blackberry. Prepare for meetings while traveling, view your contacts’ details or find key decision makers.

No matter where you are, with XING Mobile you can:

  • Access your contacts in the XING Address Book
  • Use the XING Search to find members
  • Read and reply to messages
  • Manage or organize events
  • Change your profile status message
  • XING Jobs and much more.


At XING, not only will you find valuable contacts, but you can also benefit from special limited offers on…

  • Travel
  • Electronics
  • and much more

XING BestOffers is a benefit program for XING members, offering exclusive deals on products and services for home and office. Premium Members have access to all offers, while basic members can take advantage of selected offers.


Show the online world who you are and what you can do. You can even decide if you want your profile to be found on search engines, e.g. Google & Co.

Let other members know:
  • What you have to offer
  • What you’re looking for
  • What your interests are
  • Your professional experience
  • Your educational background and academic degrees

All Premium Members’ profiles are ad-free.

Personal Home Page

On the XING home page, you’ll see all key information at a glance. You choose which information is relevant to you and where it should appear on the screen – just drag and drop each section where you want it to be!

Select from over 10 infoboxes, including:

  • What’s new in your network
  • Visitors to your profile (only for Premium Members)
  • Upcoming birthdays, events, new articles written in your groups…
  • Job postings that might interest me
  • To select infoboxes, just click on “Customize home page” in the upper-right corner.


It’s easy to find the right contacts with XING Search.

Search by:

  • Name, city, industry
  • Company or position (only for Premium Members)
  • Interests, haves, wants (only for Premium Members)
  • Or by a keyword of your choice (only for Premium Members).

Filter results by:

  • Language
  • Direct and 2nd degree contacts (only for Premium Members)
  • Status (only for Premium Members)

Good to know

By creating a search alert, you will be informed by email the second new profiles are found that match your search criteria.


The Powersearch gives you more than 20 additional search options involving your profile, your contacts and other XING members.

Powersearch highlights:

  • Find coworkers and former colleagues
  • Find out which of your contacts has made career changes recently
  • Find members who know several of your contacts
  • See who has looked at your profile recently
  • Find members who want what you have to offer, and vice versa and much more!


XING’s internal messaging system allows you to make contact quickly, even if you don’t know a member’s email address. Other members can get in touch with you easily as well, which can be beneficial in generating new business or receiving job offers, while still keeping your email address private.


  • Secure communication with members even if you don’t know their email address
  • It is easy to send and receive messages
  • Message inbox with search function

Xing Introduction

My second presentation on web 2.0 techonology is XING.

XING (named openBC/Open Business Club until November 17, 2006) is a social software platform for enabling a small-world network for professionals
Offers personal profiles, groups, discussion forums, event coordination, and other common social community features

XING  another named openBC/Open Business Club  is a social software platform for enabling a small-world network for professionals


It Offers the following features

Address Book                             —>All contacts under one roof

Groups                                          —>Use the knowledge of the XING Community

Appointments                           —>Organize meetings at the click of a mouse

Events                                           —>Live networking

Jobs                                               —>Business matchmaking for experts

Mobile                                           —>Use XING on the go

BestOffers                                     —>Exclusive offers for XING members

Profile                                            —>Your interactive online business card

Personal Home Page               —>personalize your home page

Search                                           —>Find it fast!

Powersearch                              —>Find useful information using intelligent search technology

Messages                                      —>Direct communication – fast and secure
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