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  1. seshadri Says:


    I want to join advanced dot net 3.5 course. i m from teynampet, chennai, currently i m working in vb,asp and sql server 2000. i but i want to learn dot net 2008( 3.5 version) so could you tell me which center is best for coaching as well as placement.


    • Ashok Kumar Says:

      One Best center in T Nagar(Do It). But they can’t arrange your placement. Now a days there is no job conformation in any institution. You can develop yourself.

      If u want to develop your skills there is a free training in Firstplant technology. Please visit or go the following address.

      Tenth Planet Technologies Pvt., Ltd.,
      #807, Anna Salai,
      Chennai-600 002

  2. esparker Says:

    Just wanted to take a moment and say what’s up to everybody. Looking forward to your forum and what everybody has to say. I’ve been spending to much time on . Needed a break.

  3. ankit Says:

    Can I borrow the photo of aerial view of golden temple..I will give full acknowledgment to you,where ever I use the photo

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