Microsoft .NET Framework

Programming Guides for .Net Developers

1.Pro C# 2008 and the NET 3.5 Platform Fourth Edition

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2.O’Reilly – .Net Framework Essentials (3rd Ed.)
O'Reilly - .Net Framework Essentials (3rd Ed.)

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3.MSDN Training – Introduction to C# Programming for the Microsoft .NET Platform
MSDN Training - Introduction to C# Programming for the Microsoft .NET Platform

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4.COM and .Net Component Services

COM and .Net Component Services

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5.Visual Basic .NET Database Programming

Visual Basic .NET Database Programming

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6.O’Reilly – Programming Visual basic .Net
O'Reilly - Programming Visual basic .Net

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.NET Framework Essentials by O’Reilly Media

Here is a cool document that i found about .NET Framework

Famous websites for Dotnet Programmers

Hi all,

here i mentioned the important websites for the dot-net programmers who are searching for the job and who are already doing job.


this site is for dot-net interview questions,jobs,tutorials,articles and it has the demo projects.This is very useful for the freshers to read the articles and tutorials and to see the demo projects


It is a dot-net forum.this is best for the experienced programmers.They can post their doubts in this forum and get their answers within a short time.


This site is famous for the web-technologies.This is useful for the Freshers.This site consists of HTML,XML,ASP,ASP.NET,SQL,JAVA SCRIPT.

and other important sites are


this site consists of with demo programs


this site consists of total c# coding and


This site is also very useful for the DotNet Developers.