Rapid prototyping and iteration of your ideas is now possible through SketchFlow. SketchFlow prototypes are fast, easy and cheap to build – cheap enough to be disposable, so you can explore many ideas during the design process.


The ability to rapidly prototype multiple branches through an application and propose multiple different functional layouts for screens and then deliver these as an interactive prototype is an exceptionally powerful way of engaging your client.

SketchFlow helps you keep the client focus on the overall solution rather than the detail early in the prototype stage by visualizing concepts and layouts using SketchFlow’s built in ‘sketchy’ styled controls.

SketchFlow Screenshot

The interactive prototypes created with SketchFlow help you find navigation and application flow issues early in the development cycle helping you and the client save time and money.

Evolve prototypes utilizing the full functionality of Expression Blend 3 – there is no limit to the scope of a prototype. From a simple wireframe to examples that are fully data driven and high fidelity, a prototyp

e can be as real as a project or client demands.

The ability to feedback via the SketchFlow player enables the client to feel empowered. Annotated feedback is viewable by the design and development teams directly in-context on the design surface in SketchFlow. This ensures the rapid iteration of ideas and open two way dialog between you and your client.

With SketchFlow and Expression Blend 3 concepts and ideas can live through the entire project, end to the end, helping reduce wasted time and resources and deliver applications that exceed your client’s expectations for design, interactivity and usability.

SketchFlow Top Features

  • Effective Prototyping – quickly and efficiently experiment with the flow of an application UI, the layout of the individual screens and how the application will transition from one state of the application to another.
  • Interactive Review – the SketchFlow player engages clients with working prototypes, collects annotations and feedback which get displayed directly on the design surface within Expression Blend.
  • Powerful Documentation – Quickly create detailed project documentation for your prototypes.
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In many industries, an effective user experience determines the difference between products that fail and those that do not. Rich Internet Applications are designed to provide a more effective and compelling user experience.

Expression® Studio and Silverlight® have been designed from the ground up to make it easier to succeed when creating these experiences by focusing on three key areas. ‘Going beyond HTML’ with richer graphics, layout, controls and video; ‘Playing well with Others’ because you need your application to work on many platforms and browsers and to connect to your existing HTML and backend web services; and enabling ‘Rapid Development’ using built in powerful .NET framework support and powerful design and development tools Expression Blend™ and Visual Studio.



Silverlight enables you to create more responsive user experiences with the fastest runtime on the Web, keeping users engaged by combining animation, video, dynamic layout, vector graphics, perspective 3D, and effects with exclusive features like Deep Zoom.

When you create applications for Silverlight you’re actually creating one application that will run equally on Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari on Windows, Mac and Linux. Silverlight on different platforms and browsers has exactly the same functionality, ensuring the same experience for all your users.

Silverlight is widely regarded as having the best quality video on the web powering important events like the recent Olympic Games in China and Barack Obama’s inauguration. Using Smooth Streaming raises the quality bar to the next level and allows you to extend your viewing times further. Adjust the quality in real-time based upon the consumer’s changing bandwidth and CPU conditions and get minimal buffering and quick start-up time using HTTP adaptive streaming.