Web Accessibility Checklist


• Separate structure from presentation and use proper markup for that structure. For example, mark up lists as lists (<ul>, <ol>, <dl>) rather than text with a <br> tag after each list item.

• headings (e.g. <h1>) are very helpful for blind users.

HTML Properly mark up the sections of a page and body copy with headings rather than something such as a <p> tag with CSS    HTML styling that makes it look like a heading.

• Give pages meaningful and accurate titles using the <title> tag.

• Indicate the primary human language of the document using the lang  attribute in the <html> tag, and indicate any passages in a secondary language using the lang attribute on other tags wrapping the relevant text (e.g. “<span lang=”es”>Hola</span>means Hello”).

• Provide “Skip to content” links at the top of the markup order in pages with large numbers of navigational links before the main content.

• Always indicate headers in data tables using <th> tags, and  associate all data cells with their header.

• Be sure tab order is logical using tabindex, if necessary. (If your HTML is in the proper order, then using tabindex isn’t necessary.)


• Be sure your page is still usable when images are turned off. (is  may include making sure that contrast is still sufficient if you happen to be using a background image and that image is removed.)

• Be sure pages remain usable when users enlarge text up to twice its original size.

• Be sure each element on a page is reachable and can be manipulated via the keyboard.

• Whenever possible, write descriptive headings and link textswhich can be understood when read out of context (e.g. no “click here” links).

• For color-blind and low-vision users, be sure your content and  background have sufficient contrast.

• Do not use content that flashes or blinks more than three times a second.

• Do not hide the focus indicator. When a user uses the keyboard to tab from element to element, it should always be apparent where they are.

• Do not require users to perceive font, color, or other styling changes in order to understand meaning. For instance, don’t say,“e highlighted word in the previous paragraph is the most important,” or “Items marked in red are errors and need to be corrected,” unless the word or items are indicated in some other way.


Be sure all images have an alt attribute, leaving the text for decorational images blank (e.g. alt=””).

• Always add alt text when images are also links.

• In general, be brief with alt text (e.g. “Notre Dame Cathedral”),but provide detail when it conveys meaning (e.g. “Son standing at his father’s graveside with mother in arms”).

• Provide a transcript, captions, and/or sign language translation for all audio and video with speech.

• Provide a “described” version of a video when description is necessary for unsighted users to understand content. (e described audio track can either be distributed with the video  content, or as an audio only file.)

• Be sure that all videos, if they don’t autoplay, have, at the very least, an accessible Play control.

• When text can be rendered just as well by the browser as it can in an image, avoid using images for text. (Image replacement techniques are often an acceptable alternate, but also consider translation requirements when using text in or as images.)

• Avoid CAPTCHA s unless you have no other choice, and even then they should be avoided. However, if you must use them, provide an audio CAPTCHA alternative.


• Always label all form fields with the <label> tag. If a form field  has no specific text label on the page, add one, and hide it with CSS or use the title attribute.

• Use fieldsets (<fieldset>) with legends (<legend>) to associate prompts with radio buttons and check boxes. For instance, a form  asks “Gender:” and offers radio buttons that say “Male” or “Female”. en “Gender:” should be enclosed in a <legend> tag, and all three elements (<legend> and the two radio buttons with  their label text) should be enclosed in a <fieldset> tag.

• Identify all input errors in text (in addition to any images or icons), and place the error notification either next to the affected field or in a prominent location such as the top of the page with

an anchor link to the affected field.

• Provide help links or inline instructions for completing fields  when necessary.

• Do not permit users to complete important actions without a confirmation or a way to undo.

• Avoid using HTML elements in nonstandard ways (e.g. form elements for navigation, links for form submission, etc.).

1000 most-visited sites on the web

You can see a list of the largest 1000 sites worldwide, based on Unique Visitors (users), as measured by Ad Planner. This list is updated monthly as new Ad Planner datasets are released. The list defines sites as top-level domains.

For each site on the list, you’ll be able to see:

  • The site category
  • Unique Visitors (users)
  • Page Views
  • Whether the site has ads

Keep in mind that the list excludes adult sites, ad networks, domains that don’t have publicly visible content or don’t load properly, and certain Google sites.

The 1000 most-visited sites on the web

Rank Site Category Unique Visitors (users) Reach Page Views Has Advertising
1 poput icon The 1000 Most Visited Sites on the Web facebook.com Social Networks 540,000,000 35.2% 570,000,000,000 Yes
2 poput icon The 1000 Most Visited Sites on the Web yahoo.com Web Portals 490,000,000 31.8% 70,000,000,000 Yes
3 poput icon The 1000 Most Visited Sites on the Web live.com Search Engines 370,000,000 24.1% 39,000,000,000 Yes
4 poput icon The 1000 Most Visited Sites on the Web wikipedia.org Dictionaries & Encyclopedias 310,000,000 20% 7,900,000,000 No
5 poput icon The 1000 Most Visited Sites on the Web msn.com Web Portals 280,000,000 18.1% 11,000,000,000 Yes
6 poput icon The 1000 Most Visited Sites on the Web microsoft.com Software 230,000,000 14.8% 3,300,000,000 Yes
7 poput icon The 1000 Most Visited Sites on the Web blogspot.com Blogging Resources & Services 230,000,000 14.7% 4,400,000,000 Yes
8 poput icon The 1000 Most Visited Sites on the Web baidu.com Web Portals 230,000,000 15% 27,000,000,000 Yes
9 poput icon The 1000 Most Visited Sites on the Web qq.com Email & Messaging 170,000,000 11.1% 25,000,000,000 Yes
10 poput icon The 1000 Most Visited Sites on the Web mozilla.com Internet Clients & Browsers 140,000,000 9.2% 2,100,000,000 No
11 poput icon The 1000 Most Visited Sites on the Web sina.com.cn Web Portals 130,000,000 8.4% 3,600,000,000 Yes

See Full List: http://www.google.com/adplanner/static/top1000/

Best Open Source Tools for Web Designers

Many open source tools have features comparable to expensive applications, and also free. This can save money and you can accomplish everyday tasks with having all the equipment and applications. In this article I want to share information about 10 best open source tools for web designers.


Open source applications and tools are excellent alternatives for web designers. There are many open source applications that can help you are as a web designer. Many open source tools have features comparable to expensive applications, and also free. This can save money and you can accomplish everyday tasks with having all the equipment and applications. In this article I want to share information about 10 best open source tools for web designers.

  • Aptana Studio

    Aptana is a web development tool with many features for HTML, CSS and javascript. Aptana is also equipped with thousands of additional plugins created by the community.
  • Quanta Plus

    Quanta Plus is an IDE for web development. Quanta has a strong ability to run custom scripts, but that he also has an excellent visual CSS editor and auto-completion of syntax.
  • jEdit

    jEdit is a text editor for programmers. jEdit can run on Mac, Windows, and Linux and has syntax highlighting for HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript.
  • GIMP

    GIMP is an open source project the most popular. For those who love the photoshop interface you can include GIMPShop extension interface that mimics the style of photoshop.
  • Krita

    Krita is a graphics application and also image-editing software application for KOffice.
  • WinSCP

    WinSCP is an open source (S) free FTP client and FTP client for Windows users. With simple navigation and easy, too easy to make in the use WinSCP.
  • KompoZer

    KompoZer is a complete web authoring system that has integrated FTP client and easy to use WYSIWYG web page editing.

    CSSED is a small developer editor and validator, that tries to ease the CSS editing. cssed haved some support for HTML (with embbeded Javascript), XML, Javascript, Java, PHP, JSP, C, C++, Apache configuration files, .htaccess, Python, Perl, SQL, SH and other languages so it can serve quite well as multi-purpose editor.
  • Open Bexi HTML Builder

    Open BEXI HTML Builder is a browser open source application for creating HTML web pages. It also has a CSS color picker built into the interface and a have simple project management option.
  • CamStudio

    CamStudio is a popular open source to the screen-capturing

Free Social Media Icon Sets

If you’re looking to boost the social media traffic that your blog receives, you may want to consider adding a few icons to your favorite social media sites. here is a list of cool custom bookmarking and sharing buttons you can use on your blog that are sure to attract more bookmarks and shares.



2. Plechi


3. 108 Red Pearl Soc. Media Icons

108 Red Pearl Soc. Media Icons

4. 53 Brand New Twitter Icons

53 Brand New Twitter Icons

5. Matte White Square Soc. Media

Matte White Square Soc. Media

6. Social networking Icons -knobs

Social networking Icons -knobs

7. Aquaticus.Social


8. Social Icons Pack

Social Icons Pack

9. Set of social grunge icons

Set of social grunge icons

10. Set of social icons no.4

Set of social icons no.4

11. Social 2 Duo

Social 2 Duo

12. Wood Social Networking Icons

Wood Social Networking Icons

13. Social Media Stars Icon Set

Social Media Stars Icon Set

45 Places to create your free Website

These free website creation sites allow you to easily create a site, customize the design, add content, and use a custom URL.

Take a look at 45 best web builders to create a free website.

Google Sites

Hey its Google and they are letting you create a free site….so do it.  As usual, Google makes it extremely easy to build a free website with cool integration features like Google Docs, Google Calendar, and RSS.

Windows Live Spaces


Google Knol

Google Knol came out about 2 years ago and even though it has not gotten the same praise as Wikipedia, it is still a valuable resource that you should take advantage of.  Free easy to create your own free knol and help position yourself as an industry leader.


Jimdo is a new free website builder that is very clean and easy to use.  As you can see in the screen-shot you can create your own url and add text, photos, and custom design.




One of my favorite places to create a free webpage is Squidoo.  Not only do these pages tend to rank well in the search engines, but you can monetize them by adding amazon affiliate products and links, share easily through Facebook and Tweetmeme buttons and much more.




Wetpaint is the place to go to create your own free wiki in a matter of minutes.  Similar to the other website builders out there, however like a wiki anyone can add, edit, and remove content from the page.





I personally don’t have a lot of experience with Wix, but it seems like a very neat way to create free flash websites.  They have separated themselves from the rest, since most of the free site builders only let you create html pages.  Would love to hear from anyone that has used Wix.


Hubpages is very similar to Squidoo, in the fact that you can build free pages and they tend to rank very well in search engines.  You can also make money by adding affiliate products, links and adsense in your hub.  It has all of the cool features that you would need including adding images, videos, ratings and reviews, and the ability to comment.




Let’s Eat

For anyone in the restaurant industry, Let’s Eat is for you. Let’s Eat lets you create your own restaurant website where you can add information about your restaurant, menu, hours, location, and more.



Launch Splash







SnapPages is the easy drag and drop website creation service.  No need to know css to position your site!










Groupie Guide

Hyper Web Enable






We have tired our best to include all the great services which allows you to build free websites. Don’t forget to give your thoughts about the article via comments section

Free Online Applications and Services

Online applications also known as web applications are getting more popular, particularly when broadband Internet access has become more common and readily available to more users. With online applications and services, you do not need to download and install them into your computer for using them—you just need to open up a browser and access them online.

Not only that you can save harddisk space as they do not need to be installed, but also in some cases you can work with files that are saved online from any computer anywhere, without the need to carry a storage device even a USB stick around with you.

These applications and services are cross-platform, running via your browser as a client irrespective of what operating system you are using, though a few services might be related to a specific operating system.

Like to use them? Here we have compiled a list for best free online applications and services—click on related links or product logos and you can start using them right away. The list contains items grouped by categories, each of the items has a brief description with a link, where applicable, to a by our editors.

Category Index
  • Home & Office
  • Image View and Edit
  • Multimedia
  • Disk and File Tools
  • Internet and eMail
  • Website and Server
  • Programming
  • Security
  • Educational
  • Games
Office Suite

  • Google DocsGoogle Docs offers a suite of Web-based productivity applications including documents, presentation, spreadsheet and form in a simple folder within a file organizational system. It allows for users to easily create, share and edit files in real time online, or upload an existing file into the system.

PDF Tools

  • 7-PDF Web Portal7-PDF Web Portal converts a wide range of documents into PDFs online. You can set a page range and image compression for the conversion. Just choose a file to upload, click the Convert to PDF button and a PDF file will be downloaded automatically for you.
  • PDFHammerPDFHammer lets you merge PDF files, rearrange, reorder and delete pages, protect PDF files with a password and set PDF metadata. Easy to use—just upload, edit and save the files back to your computer.
  • Nitro PDF offers free online conversion from PDF to Word/Excel via PDF-to-Word ConverterPDF-to-Word Converter and PDF-to-Excel Converter. Both are helpful and easy to use—choose the file you need, click the Convert button and check your inbox for the converted files. See also Zamzar
  • PDFmyURL logo Best Free Online Applications and ServicesPDFmyURL lets you convert any webpage into a PDF document and save it to your computer. Simply paste the URL and click the button. You can also drag the bookmarklet to your toolbar so you don’t have to visit the website. Try Save this page as PDF. See also PrintWhatYouLike

Document Sharing

  • Scribd logo 30 Best Free Online Applications and ServicesScribd allows users to publish documents of various formats, turns them into a Web document, share them with millions of readers in the world, mark the posted documents private accessible by a specific URL, or embed the viewer into a website or blog.


  • Google CalendarGoogle Calendar lets you quickly schedule events and keep track of appointments. You can share your schedule with your co-workers, family and friends, sync to your mobile phone’s built-in calendar, get notified by email or have a text message sent right to your mobile phone.

Multiple Timezone World Clock

  • Time Zone GeniusTime Zone Genius displays up-to-date time zone information for cities in the world. You can check current times for cities you choose, or find out offset from GMT, daylight savings time adjustments, sunrise and sunset times of a city.


  • Zoho NotebookZoho Notebook does an amazing amount of things—you can save text, image, audio and video objects, aggregate them in one place, keep track of changes and share a whole book, page or just an object on a page by granting read/write permissions.

To-Do List

  • Remember The MilkRemember The Milk lets you organize tasks into various lists, set due dates, postpone or repeat tasks, add notes, print lists and so on. It integrates with Gmail and other services with add-ons.
  • TeuxDeux Best Free Online Applications and ServicesTeuxDeux gives you a week overview of what needs to do in a clean user interface. It’s easy to use—type in a box to add a task, move it to another day by drag and drop, or click to check off a done one or remove it.

Personal Finance

  • Mint logo 40 Best Free Online Applications and ServicesMint “an attractive personal finance on-line service helps budgeting and keeping track of your finances. Users need to create a Mint account before adding bank, credit card, home loan and investment accounts.”

Dictionary and Encyclopedia

  • WikipediaWikipedia allows users to type a word or phrase to search for useful information from millions of articles written collaboratively online by volunteers around the world. It’s a good and handy encyclopedic reference and a frequently updated news resource for you.
  • LDOCELDOCE, an online version of the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, provides a quick search for a word or phrase, with widgets available for adding to your browser search bar, blog or personal website.
  • Thesaurus.comThesaurus.com, a popular site to search for word definitions, synonyms and antonyms with filtering by parts of speech or word classes and suggestions for nearby words.

Answer Engine

Unit and Currency Converter

  • Digital Dutch Unit ConverterDigital Dutch Unit Converter “comes with a cleaner web page, instant response and ease of use, with commonly used units available and divided into 16 categories.”
  • OANDA Currency ConverterOANDA Currency Converter, “one of the popular web tools for currency conversion with daily and historical rates for over 164 currencies, available in multi languages.”
Image Editor

  • Pixlr EditorPixlr Editor “has an excellent set of tools that rival many software image editors. It has a full set of selection, drawing, retouching, cropping, resizing, and warping tools. You can add text, do all kinds of basic and advanced lighting and color adjustments, apply numerous filters, and supports layers with blending.”
  • Sumo PaintSumo Paint, a powerful tool for creating and editing images with more painting tools than other paint-oriented online image editing programs, supports for layers, blending modes, special filter effects, opacity levels, handy adjustment tools and more.

Image Converter and Resizer

  • fixPicturefixPicture converts all popular picture file formats and camera raw formats to jpg, png, gif, tiff, bmp or pdf formats, and resizes them by a percentage or a specific pixel value with optional rotation and some effects.

Diagramming Tool

  • Cacoo logo Best Free Online Applications and ServicesCacoo, a user-friendly drawing tool allows you to create a variety of diagrams, save or export your file in PNG format. A useful stencil is available for easily creating basic shapes, office layout, equipment, network, flowchart and more.

Photo Management and Sharing

  • 200px Flickr wordmark.svg Best Free Online Applications and ServicesFlickr a popular web service for users to upload their photos, edit and organize their collections and share them with groups and privacy controls. Uploading video is an added feature.

Photo Collage

  • Photovisi logo Best Free Online Applications and ServicesPhotovisi, a useful tool to create photo collages, quick and easy—just select a template, add photos, then click save and download.
Multimedia Suite

  • 120px Aviary gradient reverse Best Free Online Applications and ServicesAviary, a web alternative to Adobe Creative Suite, has a suite of various editors and tools to allow designers to create images and audio, with some advanced features limited to paid-for accounts. This suite includes Phoenix Image Editor, Toucan Color Editor, Peacock Effects Editor, Raven Vector Editor, Myna Audio Editor, Talon Screen Capture and Falcon Image Markup.

Video Sharing

  • 150px YouTube logo.svg Best Free Online Applications and ServicesYouTube “offers 16:9 aspect ratio, high quality video playback, support for nearly every video format, a large audience for your videos, the ability to embed videos on a blog or website, video reply feature, customizable personal video page and the ability to limit video access.”

Music Sharing

  • Grooveshark Best Free Online Applications and ServicesGrooveshark operates in a similar way like YouTube but allows you to upload, search and share music, instead of videos, with others. Features such as library, playlists, favorites and fans are available to users after signing in.

Radio Broadcasting

  • Streema Best Free Online Applications and ServicesStreema offers an easy way to search radio stations by station name and country, add them to your Favorites, listen to the stations right away on the web platform or share them with your friends.

Music Player and Organizer

  • AudioBox.fmAudioBox.fm lets you upload and organize your media files from anywhere at anytime in a desktop-like music player and organizer. You can play tracks, create playlists or edit simple tags of your music files with free storage up to 250MB.

Screen Session Recorder

  • AudioBox.fmScreenToaster records your screen session in full desktop or fixed rectangular area with audio input from a microphone or auxiliary device, then upload to ScreenToaster, YouTube, or save it in mov or swf format.

MP3 Cutter

  • Audiko.netAudiko.net “lets you cut an audio file online easily without installing any software, good for creating a ringtone—just upload a file, choose the best fragment, click the Create Ringtone button and download the file.”

Music Recognition

  • AudioTag.infoAudioTag.info helps you to identify an unknown piece of music easily—just upload a short audio fragment or an entire song, you can then get the tag information such as the track title, artist name and album title of the song based on its audio fingerprint.
  • MidomiMidomi, “a new revolutionary way to find that lost tune you don’t know the title of—sing, hum, or whistle into your microphone and let Midomi find your music for you.”

Slideshow Creator

  • 123 slideshow Best Free Online Applications and Services123-slideshow allows you to create a flash slideshow in just a few steps—select a slideshow layout and effect, upload 4 to 8 images to the server and save the resulting swf file to your computer easily.
Online Backup

  • Windows Live SkyDriveWindows Live SkyDrive “is my first choice. It provides 25 GB free space for online storage of your media files and documents.” You’ll need a Windows Live ID to sign in and access your SkyDrive storage from your computer.
  • Dropbox logo 30 Best Free Online Applications and ServicesDropbox allows you to back up files and access them online, or share folders with several people to work together easily. Its desktop program is only needed for syncing files across computers.

File Format Converter

  • ZamzarZamzar supports conversion between a wide range of file formats including document, image, music, video, compression and CAD formats. Upload a file, choose a conversion type and the converted file will be sent to the email address you provide. Check here for a full list of conversion types.
  • Bender ConverterBender Converter, an easy-to-use online application to convert videos directly from YouTube and other services in 3 steps—choose a format to convert to, give a video page link, then click Convert and download the converted file you need.

File Encryption Utility

  • File EncryptorFile Encryptor allows you to encrypt or decrypt a file online upto a maximum file size of 20MB. The encrypted file is saved with the extension of .FE3.

  • GMX  MailGMX Mail, complete with a Mail Collector, “lets you read and send emails from your multiple email accounts in one place. Easy to set up, no more going through various complicated settings for incoming and outgoing servers.”
  • GMail 40 Best Free Online Applications and ServicesGMail features a search-oriented interface and a thread view, supports for Internet standard protocols and allows e-mail clients such as Thunderbird to access its mail server, offers about 7.4 GB free storage and 25 MB attachments but filtering out exe and zip files.

Instant Messaging

  • 200px Meebo Logo.svg Best Free Online Applications and ServicesMeebo, “You can log in to any of your IM networks, including: AIM, Yahoo, Google, MSN, ICQ, Jabber & Meebo, all from one page. With it’s vast extra language support, it adds a lot of flexibility.”

Social Network

  • 200px Facebook.svg Best Free Online Applications and ServicesFacebook, a popular website for you to share your personal profile with friends, add them to your list, send them messages, or join a network group organized by workplace.

Web Search

  • Google SearchGoogle Search, the most-used search engine on the web, with search options for images, videos, news, blogs, updates, books, forums, and other features.
  • Open Directory ProjectOpen Directory Project also known as Dmoz, or Directory Mozilla lets you search the web content by category maintained by a community of volunteer editors. Alternatively, you can use Google Directory which sorts the directory from Dmoz by popularity.

Web Page Editor

  • PrintWhatYouLikePrintWhatYouLike, “a free online webpage editor lets you quickly remove images or the background of a webpage, click and add the boxes or frames you want, isolate and resize them, change the font type and size, fit your selection to a page width, redo or undo an edit and save in pdf or html formats.” See also PDFmyURL


  • Google MapsGoogle Maps, a mapping service application lets you search for a map with related information such as an address and contact numbers, get directions to go from one place to another or even create and share your own maps.

Bookmark Manager

  • 200px Delicious.svg Best Free Online Applications and ServicesDelicious allows you to keep your personal bookmarks online for access from anywhere, or share and discover web bookmarks. You can search bookmarks by tags, transfer bookmarks inside your browser to your Delicious account or download a copy of bookmarks for backup.

Password Manager

  • LastPassLastPass “stores more than usernames and passwords, it stores webform information in a similar manner to Roboform’s Passcards. It also securely stores your notes.” [You can use LastPass Bookmarklets as an alternative to the program or extension when you can’t install it somewhere or when you’re travelling.]
Web Hosting

  • WebnodeWebnode, a website builder for you to create and maintain a website from anywhere online. It’s easy to use with builder tools, drag-and-drop functionality, ready-made gadgets and widgets, and has no intrusive advertisement banner occupying the precious space of your webpage.

Blog Publishing

  • WordPressWordPress, “my number one choice based on the features, plethora of free themes and plugins, and the ability to use it as an alternative to create or host a web site with static content.”
  • BloggerBlogger is popular and easy to use. You can post text, photos and videos to your blog, personalize it with many templates, add gadgets, get feedback from your readers and more.
HTML Editor

  • Online HTML Editor, simple and easy to use, just edit html codes in an expandable box provided and see the live results in another. One-click opening and closing tags are included.

HTML Code Cleanup

  • WordOffWordOff, a useful web tool to remove unnecessary tags and styles from HTML code as a result of pasting into WYSIWYG editors from Word. For example, <span>, <div> and empty elements are removed.

Color Picker

  • HTML  Color PickerHTML Color Picker gives you color codes in HTML, RGB and HSV instantly when you choose a color from the vertical slider or color square. Color Chart, Color Names and Web Safe Colors are also available on the site.

  • VirustotalVirustotal, an online independent service to analyse suspicious files and detect viruses, worms, trojans and other malware by multiple antivirus engines. Detailed results from each antivirus engine are listed after it has scanned the file uploaded.
  • Anubis logo Best Free Online Applications and ServicesAnubis, a service for analyzing malware. Submit your Windows executable file and receive an analysis report about what it does, or submit a suspicious URL to find out the activities of the Internet Explorer process when visiting that URL.

Internet Safety

  • WOT logo Best Free Online Applications and ServicesWOT Web of Trust checks the reputation rating of your favorite site. “It has an excellent warning screen that allows you to choose whether to go to a bad site. If you combine this with your own good sense in avoiding untrustworthy sites and suspicious email links, then you have a solid and free preventative web shield.”
  • OpenDNSOpenDNS, “a web based service that in conjunction with your own system’s network configuration redirects all your browsing through OpenDNS servers where it is filtered for content.”
Typing Tutor

  • Touch Typing Study, a place to learn, practice and improve your typing speed and accuracy, with a drill on keys, words, blind words and text, in a total of 15 lessons.

  • Chess.comChess.com lets you play chess against the computer with settings available for fixed time and depth, or log in to play and share chess with online players, store your games, preferences and ratings as well. More choices in this

All in One Place

  • Friv Logo Best Free Online Applications and ServicesFriv, “a full-screen of tiny screen shots for more than 250 free online PC games of various genres with the most popular ones in hand from time to time, just in one place.”

Match-3 Puzzle

  • Cradle of RomeCradle of Rome, “a thrilling path to puzzle glory. Build the heart of the Ancient Roman Empire by playing and conquering more than 100 addictive and intuitively designed levels.” More choices in this

Jigsaw Puzzle and Creator

  • JigZoneJigsaw Puzzle Gallery at JigZone, “choose a puzzle from a gallery of beautiful pictures of animals, art, flowers, scenes and other categories, change cuts into 6 to 247 pieces in different shapes. More choices in this
  • Jigsaw PlanetJigsaw Planet, “create your own puzzles with difficulty levels, shapes and rotations, play your own or common puzzles or even send puzzles to friends.” More choices in this

Game of Go

  • 361points.com.logo.280x57.80p Best Free Online Applications and Services361points.com, “you can play against the GnuGo engine online with three different table sizes to choose from and engine strength is adjustable. A big bonus for beginners is the chance to challenge an online computer to play a simplified version of the game called Capture Go.”


  • DKM Sudoku  OnlineDKM Sudoku Online, “almost as fully-featured as any of Sudoku download. Click Play Now and go to Menu to create a new puzzle in any of 4 levels. You can enter possible cell values manually in pencil mode, or let it scan for you.”


  • Othello Game, “a good choice to challenge the computer opponent with 3 levels of strength, undo moves, highlight valid moves, hints and animation effects.”
  • Reversi LoungeReversi Lounge “lets you select a server from the list, click Launch button to open the lobby screen, select an empty chair at one of the tables and play online free against the human players in the lobby.” More choices in this