wordpress 3.0 plugins

WordPress 3.0 is really a revolutionary upgrade compared to WordPress 2.0. With integrated multi-users, custom post types, custom background images, custom taxonomies, the new menu system and custom header images it is now both a blogging powerhouse and enterprise capable CMS out of the box. Despite the official release only being a week or two ago there are already some powerful plugins that will help you take advantage of the new features.

While you are upgrading to WordPress 3.0 don’t hesitate to install these plugins as well.

Custom Post Type UI

One of the powerful new features to WordPress is the ability to create custom post types. This has long been a lacking feature in WordPress. The custom post types allows you to define custom “types” of content such as listings, locations, employee bios, etc…

The usage of custom post types is not exactly straight forward however. You have to be pretty comfortable working with your functions.php file and even then it is time consuming. Custom Post Type UI allows you to easily define and customize your post types through the WordPress administration panel using a GUI. Clearly an essential plugin for WordPress 3.0.

Download Custom Post Type UI Here

WP Post Type UI

Inspired by Custom Post Type this plug-in takes the same concept to the next level and gives you additional control and customization.

  • True WP user interface look and feel
  • Add/Edit/Delete dynamic “Post Types” and “Taxonomies”
  • Search “Post Types” from name and description
  • Search “Taxonomies” from name and “Post Type”
  • Matching labels when creating records
  • Shows post and active taxonomy count
  • Advanced “Post Types” and “Taxonomies” options

Download WP Post Type UI Here

GD Taxonomies Tools

The ability to define custom tags and taxonomies opens up endless possibilities for WordPress. We can now use WordPress to develop custom taxonomies like colors, sizes, locations, etc… Again, list custom post types it can be a bit complicated to figure out and work with. This plugin adds many tools including custom post types and taxonomies management and widget for taxonomies terms cloud.

Download GD Taxonomies Tools Here

WP Multi Networks

While WordPress Multi User has been around for awhile the new WordPress 3.0 has merged the two versions of the site and allow the easy development of networks of sites. This plugin is able to turn your multi-site installation of WordPress into many multi-site networks, all surrounding one central user base.

WP Multi Network allows cape wearing super admins to create new network collections of sites, allowing for infinitely extensible site, network, and domain arrangements.

Download WP Multi Networks Here

WP Title 2

Once you take advantage of WordPress custom post types and the menu management tool you are very likely to run into a situation in which you want the title of the page and the title used in the menu would be different. Some content management systems already take advantage of this and now with this plug-in WordPress does too.

WP Title 2 lets you easily define a different menu label than your page title. This makes the site easier to administer and can improve usability of the site as well.

Download WP Title 2 Here

Post Type Switcher

Have an existing post that you want to change to a different custom post type? Rather than deleting and recreating simply use this plugin that gives you the capability to switch between posts, pages and custom post types.

Download Post Type Switcher Here

Multi Post Thumbnails

While post thumbnails were introduced earlier this is still a great plugin. If you have ever wanted the ability to have more than one post thumbnail than this plugin is for you.

Download Multi Post Thumbnails Here


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