Expand Collapse Categories in WordPress




13 Responses to “Expand Collapse Categories in WordPress”

  1. Karthik Says:

    nice scrap work for the very big task

  2. Tiziana Says:

    Hi, I’m newbie on wordpress. How to install your plugin? Please help me 🙂

    • Ashok Kumar Says:

      Download the doc file and place the code in your sidebar.pnp. change the $acc_id value as your main category ids.

  3. quocthuan82 Says:

    Nice work. It look beautiful when sliding. Thank you for creating it. But it slides somehow slow and I think it suitable in blogs for normal audiences, some advanced user prefer speed.

    • Ashok Kumar Says:

      For that purpose, just find the jquery code $(this).next().slideToggle(‘normal’); and replace $(this).next().slideToggle(‘fast’);

  4. Justin Says:

    Have it installed, but it shows all the menus expanded with no collapsing, expanding support… any ideas?

  5. csoftAdmin Says:

    I need exactly same but for the Admin panel in Add New Post.

    I want my word-press post be in specific category like Country – State – City. But my list is toooooo big so it causes the loading time so higher.

    I want to modify this category section like.

    On the new post it only shows the country list when I click on the country then it loads the states for that parent country. And when I clicked on the state then it loads the city list.

    I search for the plugin which suits my requirement but I fail If you know any plugin which help me then please recommend me.

    Or give me some suggestion how I make this king of plugin from start.


    • Ashok Kumar Says:

      there is some beautiful functions in wordpress “wp_list_categories”
      Use child_of, depth, include, exculde options

      First list all country top most category as selection box. when select particular country, get that cat id then list sub cat(state) using child_of function

  6. jack Says:

    I would love to see this kind of plugin for the categories window on the write post screen. I have hundreds of categories and it’s a pain to scroll though a long long list to find the one I need to check… Perhaps an idea for someone to write such a plugin 😉

  7. jack Says:

    Can this plugin be alerted in a way that it could work for the back end as well? I have a lot of categories and there seems to be no plugin to get something like this in the admin section on the write post page, when choosing a category. And I have a lot of categories… 😉

  8. jack Says:

    Sorry, I already replied to this post 🙂

  9. Tranh nghe thuat Says:

    cool but can I have other for wp-admin

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