WordPress Security

Yawasp (Yet Another WordPress Anti-Spam Plugin) uses an innovative approach to fight comment spam. Unlike other anti-comment-spambot-plugins which focus on user interaction, e.g. captcha or math comment spam protection, Yawasp focuses on handling comment-spam-protection within WordPress. It replaces the names of the comment form fields with random names changed every 24 hours, protecting your blog from spambots that aim at the default comment field names. As additional layer of protection it adds a blank field, hidden from the user that needs to be left empty.

WordPress Scanner
WordPress Scanneris a free online resource that can be used to check your WordPress blog security level. To run wp-scanner, you have to download the wp-scanner activator plugin. This plugin is only about 5 lines long. All it does is add “” to your current WordPress template. It allows WPscanner online service to verify that you actually own the blog and have permission to test it. Just don’t forget to disable the plugin after use or others will be able to scan your blog too.


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