Content Management

Supple Forms
Supple Forms for WordPress offers two significant functions for your blog. You can build custom write panels for the WordPress Write Post page and easy insert form data and HTML snippets into your posts. Supple Forms lets you store your data in either WordPress Custom Fields or your own custom table that the plugin will create for you. So you can format and insert your data into pages and posts with shortcodes, and without tweaking templates.

I am reading WordPress plugin
I am reading is an easy configurable WordPress plugin to display books you are reading in a sidebar widget. Book information is pulled from Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Open Library and gets cached in database. You don’t need to input the book information manually (just type in ISBN or AWS key), you can change widget title through WP Admin, easily adjustable fonts, colors and HTML output.

Twitter Tools
Twitter Tools is a WordPress plugin that creates an integration between your WordPress blog and your Twitter account. It allows you to pull your tweets into your blog (as posts and digests) and create new tweets on blog posts and from within WordPress. You can also archive your Twitter tweets (downloaded every 10 minutes), post a tweet from your sidebar or the WP Admin screens and pass your tweets along to another service.

Fresh from FriendFeed and Twitter
Fresh from FriendFeed and Twitter keeps your blog always fresh by regularly adding your most recent content from FriendFeed or Twitter. No external passwords required.

With MailPress WordPress plugin you will be able to send beautiful and styled html and plain text mails for comments subscribers, your periodic newsletters or post notification (per post/daily/weekly/monthly) as well as specific admin events : registration of a new user, comment to moderate, new comment on your posts. This plugin is widget ready; it’s using Swiftmailer and Google Chart API.

GD Star Rating
GD Star Rating is post, page and comment rating plugin for WordPress. Plugin supports different image sets, rating moderation, vote rules; time restricted voting, templates, trend calculations, and has a widgets build in and shortcodes support. It also supports Review rating for posts, pages and comments; Ajax rating support using jQuery.

Geotagger WordPress plugin
Geotagger is a WordPress plugin to manage your post geotags and optionally to display maps with markers and paths in your posts

Pods WordPress plugin
Pods WordPress plugin provides you with options to create more than just blog posts and pages. You can add new content types with only the fields you need. Customize exactly how each content type’s list and detail pages appear. It supports automatic pagination, filtering, public forms, access control.

Stray Random Quotes
Stray Random Quotes plugin helps you collect and display random quotes everywhere on your WordPress blog. The quotes can be reloaded on the blog with Ajax automation. The plugin is widget compatible, and the appearance of the quotes can be highly customized. It comes with an easy to use, advanced management tool and an option page.

Upcoming Posts
Upcoming Posts WordPress plugin allows you to notify your readers when you will post something. So if you want the readers be more curious about your blog you can use this plugin. It helps you to show scheduled posts or drafts.

Contextual Related Posts
Contextual Related Posts WordPress plugin helps you display a list of contextually related posts for the current post. You can select the number of posts to display and if you want to automatically display the related posts in your content/feed. It doesn’t require the post to be tagged in order to display related posts and you can manually add related posts where you want them displayed

Smart Archives Reloaded
Smart Archives Reloaded is an enhanced version of the Smart Archives. It’s easier to setup, there’s no code editing required, it features better caching and now you don’t need to wait when publishing a new post and provides you settings page to choose how you want the archives displayed.

Where did they go from here?
This plugin will show “Readers who viewed this page, also viewed” links on your page (as on Amazon). When a visitor views a blog post the plugin checks to see if the referrer is another blog post on your site. If this is the case, then the referring post is updated with a reference to this post. And, the process continues as the visitor moves through the blog.

LinkCurl WordPress plugin
LinkCurl WordPress plugin grabs related links from Google Blog Search based on post titles, tags, or categories and appends them to your entry. You can choose tags, categories, or title as the basis of Google Blog Search results to use with the plugin as well as the number of results to grab from Google Blog Search and the number of links to display.

WP Comment Remix
WP Comment Remix adds to WordPress such features as Reply and Quote links for commenters. You can add a Reply link to each comment, which, when clicked, adds “@OriginalPoster”, and links it to the anchor of that comment. Clicking the Quote link has a similar action to the Reply link, but it adds the entire comment in a blockquote tag. You can choose how you want to order the comments for your readers. You can also separate the Trackbacks from the comments and move them to the bottom of the list, or remove them completely.

Insights WordPress plugin
Insights for WordPress bring a powerful new way to write your blog posts. With Insights you can very quickly (in couple of seconds) do the following: search your blog for posts, edit them or insert links to them into the current post, insert Flickr Images, Youtube videos, links to Wikipedia, Google Map. Insights allows you to do all this using dynamic AJAX interface which loads the relevant information to your post in just a few seconds.

WP-Directory-List provides you with a categorized directory listing for Url’s and Businesses. The directory listing can range from the simple link with description to a full business address, phone, fax and contact email. You can create separate pages for each category or list all of them at one time and allow your users to add links that will be pending until approved.

Art Direction WordPress plugin

This plugin allows you to have global archive and single page per-post styles and provides you with the ability to add styles/JavaScript/whatever you want to each entry.


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