WP e-Commerce

Over 500,000 + downloads, stability, security and tight WordPress integration make it the right choice for growing your business online.

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    WordPress Integration

    You will install WP e-Commerce in minutes. Just like all well architectured plugins WP e-Commerce bolts right on. You simply download the plugin, copy it to your Plugins folder and activate it via your admin panel.

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    More Sales & More Hits

    WP e-Commerce integrates seamlessly with the WordPress Update System – so when you upload a new product the world knows about it!

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    Social Networking

    We help ensure your site is a success by providing you with a range of tools that allow you to import your products into the Facebook Marketplace and Google Base. WP e-Commerce also utilises the populor “Share This” plugin so that your happy customers can bookmark and promote your products too!!!

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    Payment Options

    WP e-Commerce makes it easy for you to accept payments online. WP e-Commerce integrates with Google Checkout, Paypal, Authorize.net, Payment Express and many other trusted payment processors.

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    One Page Checkout

    Evidence has shown that the less pages your customers have to browse to make a purchase the more sales you will make. WP e-Commerce is streamlined, quick and simple to use so that your customers have a great experiance shopping your site.

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    Design Perfectionist?

    Not only do you get to choose from a range of slick store front styles but you can customize and tweak your site to look however you want. We have made it easy for you by utilising WordPress PHP template tags, WordPress shortcodes and WordPress Widgets.

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    Community & Support

    Read our documentation and peruse our forums. Our forums have hundreds of resolved questions and there is a great and growing network of people to help you start selling online!!

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    Extend WP e-Commerce

    We understand that different sellers have different needs so we have developed specific modules to cater for musicians, designers and people wishing to setup members only and subscription sites.

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    The Biz

    We have been developing the WP e-Commerce solution for over 4 years. We have listened to hundreds, if not thousands, of sellers and based on this unparalleled experience we have forged the best WordPress e-Commerce solution ever.


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