Microsoft Expression Blend Features

Top 10 Features

  1. SketchFlow revolutionizes the speed and efficiency you can prototype a vision for an application

    Rapidly demonstrate and iterate on ideas, application flows, screen layouts and functionality with your client using a SketchFlow prototype.

    SketchFlow prototype

  2. Enable interactivity without writing code

    Bring a project to life by adding interactivity, animation and transitions using drag and drop Behaviors, powerful building blocks of interactivity, without writing code.


  3. Accelerate the design of effective UI with design time data

    Increases the speed and flexibility you can envision a user interface through the effective use of sample data. Sample data can be seamlessly switched to a live data feed at any time.


  4. Utilize your design assets – Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator Import

    Extensive and flexible import capabilities from Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator ensure a smooth transition of visual design assets from traditional workflows.

  5. Code editing with Intellisense

    A full code editor with XAML, C# and VB Intellisense enables you to streamline your workflow and edit code directly in Expression Blend 3.

  6. Styling and Customization

    Powerful template editing capabilities allow a control to be rebuilt as a bespoke, reusable control designed to exactly fit its purpose. Retain absolute control over how user interface elements interact. Whether an element in a control snaps into position or glides, moves in a linear fashion or with inertia, you are able to quickly and accurately experiment with different interaction models before finely tuning and finalizing the appropriate user experience of the application.

  7. Support for Silverlight and WPF

    Fully leverage the underlying platforms, Silverlight for cross browser, cross platform deployment and WPF for the ultimate Windows client experience.

  8. Improved UI

    The design surface and user interface of Expression Blend has been updated to help you work faster, have greater freedom to experiment with ideas and be more productive. Direct selection of objects, improved gradient creation, application shortcuts, customization of panel layouts, improved animation control, annotations; every element has been improved to help the tool get out of the way of the creative process.

  9. Integrate with Team Foundation Server

    Stay in sync with your team by taking advantage of Team Foundation Server integration in Expression Blend. Team Foundation Server ensures the designers work is safe, versioned, up to date and available to the whole team.

  10. Workflow

    Designers and developers work seamlessly, sharing projects, code, and designs for better productivity and quality. This superior workflow is made possible through the use of XAML across Expression Blend, Visual Studio, Silverlight and WPF. XAML separates the code from the design and enables designers and developers to simultaneously iterate on both the design and code aspects of the application.


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