Silverlight Framework Architecture

The Silverlight Platform

Ø Core presentation framework

Ø .NET Framework for Silverlight

Ø Installer and updater

Silverlight Framework Architecture


.NET Silverlight framework

Partial list of the .NET Framework for Silverlight features

Ø Data

Ø Common Language Runtime (CLR)

Ø Base Class Libraries

Ø Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR)

Ø Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)

Ø Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)


Ø Supports Language-Integrated Query (LINQ) and LINQ to XML features

Ø Supports the use of XML and serialization classes for handling data

Common Language Runtime (CLR)

Ø Provides

Ø Memory management,

Ø Garbage collection,

Ø Type safety checking,

Ø Exception handling. For silverlight applications

Base Class Libraries

Ø A set of .NET Framework libraries

Ø Provide essential programming functions, such as

Ø string handling,

Ø regular expressions,

Ø input and output,

Ø reflection,

Ø collections, and

Ø globalization.

Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR)

Ø Provides the framework to dynamically compile and Execute

Ø JavaScript,

Ø IronPython, and

Ø IronRuby managed code

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)

Ø Provides a rich set of controls, including

Button, Calendar, CheckBox, DataGrid, DatePicker, HyperlinkButton, ListBox, RadioButton, and ScrollViewer.

Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)

Ø libraries to interface with remote services,such as

Ø Web servers,

Ø RSS feeds, and

Ø other Web services

Silverlight core presentation framework

Core Presentation Components

Ø XAML parser

Ø UI rendering

Ø Layout

Ø Deep Zoom

Ø Controls

Ø Media pipeline

Ø Data binding

Ø Input


Additional Silverlight Programming Features

Ø Isolated storage

Ø Asynchronous programming

Ø File management

Ø HTML–managed code interaction

Ø Serialization

Ø Packaging

Ø XML libraries


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