How to Install and Uninstall Silverlight

How to install Silverlight

Here are the steps to Install silverlight

1. Open

2. Open GET STARTED Page by clicking it.

3. Find out Download Silverlight Link (If already Silverlight is installed in your machine this link will not be appeared to you).

4 If you click on Download Silverlight Link, It opens Microsoft Silverlight Install Page

5. Click on Install Now Option then you can download the Silverlight Plug-in.

5. Then Install Silverlight By using downloaded silverlight plug-in installable setup software.

6. While Installing Silverlight you can see the progress screen as bellow.

7. Restart all of your browsers

This silverlight installation can work for all the browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Opera…..

How to uninstall Silverlight

Bellow are the steps to follow to uninstall the silverlight

1. Go to Start menu.

2. Go to Control Panel

3. Open Add or Remove programs.

4. Choose Microsoft Silverlight in Add Remove Programs Dialog box.

5. Click on Remove

6. It asks you for the confirmation.

7. Click YES to Uninstall the Silverlight

You can see the Uninstalling silverlight in bellow image.

Hope this post is useful


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